Joseph Travers MacKinnon is a Canadian author and producer. He lives in Toronto with his cacti. He has a master’s degree from the University of Alberta where he specialized in English and Film Studies and earned an extra-to-degree qualification in Mandarin, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto. He has put those degrees to work, most recently as Head Producer at PM Pictures, as Social News Editor at Stagename Inc, as a literary intern at The Walrus magazine, and as an editor at Editing Modernism in Canada. 

He has: produced two “cult films about cults” for PM Pictures; written six novels (Faultline 49, Cypulchre, The Savage Kingdom, Archetypal, Newsreal, and The Gunpowder Coast); written a feature film, currently in early development (Newsreal); had his work cited in academic literature; written four episodes for a prospective TV anthology series; written dialogue for a social media game; and has freelanced editorial services to a veterans' magazine (now defunct).

Joseph runs the Cypulchre blog, which is a hub for science fiction art and conversation on Tumblr, which boasts over 29,700 followers. Some reviews of his past work can be found HERE. He is also producing a series of graphic novels with Carlo Schefter entitled Midnight Grind, the first issue of which will be out Q4 2019.